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*Limited-- only a few left!
The Peace & Dignity BENEFIT Music Compilation features indigenous artists from across borders, nations, and genres whose music with a message is sure to uplift your spirit and soothe the soul in an offering of sacred songs for sacred earth.

$13 goes directly to the Peace & Dignity Journeys

In the spirit of healing through Native traditions of prayer, song and dance, this music compilation seeks to support the seven-month spiritual run known as the Peace & Dignity Journey.

The CD includes Indigenous artists from across borders, nations, and genres, from traditional to alternative, to hip-hop, reggae, poetry and powwow. All have generously donated a song for this noble cause.

The run honors native traditions and cultures and embodies the prophecy of the unification of the Eagle and Condor and of Indigenous Peoples across the continent. Every four years since 1992, the run has a specific prayer; In 1992 (Elders), 1996 (Children), in 2000 (family), 2004 (Women), and in 2008 (Mother Earth) specifically sacred sites and 2012 (Water).

The music within this reflective circle speaks to the various themes as well as the artists’ identity and solidarity with indigenous culture and struggles. It is a testament to the legacy and prophecy of seven generations, honoring the blood, sweat, and tears of ancestors in an offering of "Sacred Songs for Sacred Earth."

Featured Artists:
In Lak Ech
John Trudell
L.A. Natives
Los Poets del Norte
Ras K'dee
Quese IMC
Pachamama Estela
Cihuatl Tonali
El Vuh
20 20
Cihuatl Ce